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Buch: “PID Control: Pole Placement and Lambda Tuning”

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In the first part of this book the pole placement method is explained in the context of PID control problems. The method is outlined for first order systems and second order systems. Additionally, an approximation method is presented for modelling higher order systems. The higher order systems are modelled using first or second order models and the pole placement method can be used on the basis of these approximations.
In the second part of this book the method of Lamda tuning is discussed. Lambda tuning can be seen as a special version of pole placement, when the design parameter is the time constant of the closed loop.
Matlab examples are presented in order to simplify the reader’s understanding of the given theory.


1 Introduction

2 Pole Placement
  2.1 First Order Systems
      2.1.1 I Control
      2.2.2 Designing Closed Loop Overshoot
      2.1.3 PI Control
      2.1.4 Pole Compensation
  2.2 Second Order Systems
      2.2.1 PID Control
  2.3 High Order Systems

3 Lambda Tuning
  3.1 PI Control
  3.2 PID Control

4 References and Further Readings

5 Symbols and Abbreviations

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